Arthur Wayne

A tech-geek with an entreprenuerial spirit interested trading, data science, and web3.

Welcome to my professional portfolio website! The top row of websites that are linked from the homepage were built by me (including this site) using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

I’m passionate about leveraging technology to solve real-world problems. At Cornell, I am a senior concentrating in Economics and Statistics with minors in Computer Science and Data Science.

On campus, I am currently a Research Assistant in the Design and Augmented Intelligence Lab, where I have spent the past year developing and consistently updating an app called Wayfind. I co-founded and lead Cornell Quant Fund, Cornell’s first quantitative investing organization. I've served as a Teaching Assistant for two machine learning courses, CS 4780 (Intro ML) and CS 4787 (Large Scale ML Systems). I am also the president of Sigma Nu, a Social and Service Fraternity dedicated to supporting local Tompkins County non-profits in education, healthcare, and sustainability.

In my free time, I enjoy poker, bodybuilding, and listening to R&B and EDM music. My favorite sports to play and watch are volleyball, basketball, and boxing. My favorite food is Japanese beef curry on rice. I’m also really interested in Blockchain and Web3!

Please feel free to contact me via email ( Please do check out the rest of the links on this site including my resume, GitHub, and other websites. Click on my head to navigate back home.